original photo by JADA REESE → portfolio: https://jadareeseart.myportfolio.com/

what are you all

looking for?

in those mirrors staring back at you

inside your houses

have you ever found it?

please tell me because

i am going mad

trying to find the


One Day to Write the World is a project I started in June this year after coming home from just over a year of travel. I am writing to keep myself busy as I am home in this time, to keep an adventurous alive, to write poetry, travel stories, publish photos and keep the creativity going! As a part of this project I am writing and sharing one thing a day about any topic.

Jada Reese x



Jada Reese

Jada Reese

“Live this life with passion or not at all” Photographer. | Traveler. | Writer. Writings about my gap year, traveling, mental health, and the nomad lifestyle